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2000 Mid-year Awards

Here is the 2000 Mid-Year TCW Annual Awards as compilied from non-empirical and soley normative questionaires. We at TCW would like to thank all of those who were a part of TCW throughout 2000.

Wrestler of the Year: Beast

"Cookie" is the man!!

Runner-Up: Chris Chronic. It is always 4:20 time for the star.

Most Improved Wrestler: Flame

Though a bit looney, Flame has trasformed into both a major entertainer and wrestler.

Runner-Up: Phat Samoan. Just like Flame, Epi has come a long-way.

Comeback of the Year: Cyclone

Cyclone has moved from soley Lucha Libre matches to a main force in TCW.

Runner-Up: Cellblock Sorlo. From scrub to tag-team champ, the young lion is growing.

Fued of the Year: Chronic vs. Beast

Who could forget the cage match!!

Runner-Up: Commish Lewis and Tommy Nero

Who wants to be the Commissioner

Most Popular Wrestler: Beast

Is it the free cookies or his love for the kids. Must be the latter.

Runner-Up: Phat Samoan

Who is phat??

Most Hated Wrestler: Commissioner Lewis

Though he isn't a wrestler, you can't discount the heat.

Runner-Up: "Emperor" Tommy Nero

Is it the robe??

Match of the Year: Beast vs. Chronic

The rage in the cage!!

Runner-Up: Phat Samoan vs. Hell Kid

Thumb tacks rule!

Best Big Man In TCW: Sledge "Big" Johnson

He is "big" and "hard"

Runner-Up: Beast

A hulk-of-a-gentle man

Tag-Team of the Year: FUTURE

Until their split, Chronic and Bong were awesome!

Runner-Up: Probable Cause

Cellblock Sorlo and Jimmy The Parolee overcame all odds and captured the straps

Rookie of the Year: Sean "Nasty Oklahoman" Reagan

Here comes the sooner!

Runner-Up: Kevin Dark

You have to give the kid credit for his courage

Hardcore Wrestler of the Year: Phat Samoan

From tacks to garbage cans to signs, the man from Samoa rulez!

Runner-Up: Hell Kid

Ditto as stated above

Cruiserweight of the Year: Chris Chronic

There isn't a better wrestler pound-for-pound in the business than the 4;20 man

Runner-Up: Cyclone

The masked lucha is a spark-plug

Valet of the Year: Tattoo

The fans have spoken!!

Runner-Up: April

We wish the blond buxom would return

Manager of the Year: "Emperor" Tommy Nero

Like him or not, the man has ruined matches for many

Runner-Up: Commissioner Lewis

Him and Nero work hand in hand

Executive of the Year: Commissioner Lewis

There is no other!!!

Runner-Up: Johnny T

The Provost Emeritus always has a say

Announcer of the Year: Commissioner Lewis

The Commish does it all

Runner-Up: Johnny T

The Booker T. Washington of wrestling

Referee of the Year: Amazing Mike

he even received a plaque for the effort

Runner-Up: Shaun Ragan

He is the nastiest ref in TCW

Betrayal of the Year: Tommy Nero turning on Beast

Didn't you see it coming??

Runner-Up: The Roman Empire on Tommy Nero

So went the robe....

Gimmick of the Year: Beast

Is it the hats??

Runner-Up: "Emperor" Tommy Nro


Upset of the Year: Nero, Hawkeye and Amazing Mike over Commish Lewis, Sean Reagan, and Big Johnson

Who could forget Hawkeye nailing Commish with 'ol Miller

Runner-Up: Jack Skeleton over Nature Boy Blair

It was really Flame!

Loudest POP of the Year: Chronic

His 4:20 gets people going

Runner-Up: Beast and Chronic

the "Greetings from Sesame Street" on Chronic through a table ruled

Regrets of the Year: Celblock Sorlo

Beast gave him a concussion

Runner-Up: Brangus

Broken ribs may have ended his career

HAPPY Mid-Year and see all at BATTLE BOX!!!!!