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Updated, Tuesday, 7:00pm

Wild Saturday evening....Roman Empire in disarray, Flame drinking Windex, Phat Samoan turns face, new tag-team champions, and BEAST is heavyweight champ again....What is going on in TCW??

Check out a new TCW show on tv this Friday night on A10 at 10:00pm

For all those rumor-mongers, TCW is not going out of business but is STRONGER than ever....

Coming on Saturday, August 5th:

It is simply known to all our fans as:

Already signed for this 8 match, 3+ hour spectacular: BATTLE OF THE LEGENDS!!

BLACK BART vs. KILLER TIM BROOKS!!! You don't want to miss this showdown. Stay tuned as more matches and wrestlers are announced.

Also signed today by the BOR for our first anniversary show: "STUDENT vs. TEACHER"..."All-American" Jeremy YOUNG vs. NATURE BOY BLAIR w/Angelina. Jeremy has trained and helped book Nature Boy but Blair has turned his back on his mentor. The feud will be settled on August 5th. Tommy Nero and Commish lewis have requested certain stipulations for this match. Stay tuned.

Another match has been signed for the 1st Anniversary show: GRUDGE MATCH - "Emperor" Tommy Nero vs. COACH w/Cheerleader Sierra. This should be a technical challenge for both men.

Tapes of TCW shows are now available. Check with Webmaster Nite for more info.

E-mail Co-Commissioner Lewis here and try your best to stump him on wrestling trivia:

Please don't drink and drive or you will wind up a loser!!