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The Great Colossuem

Just in case you are weak in geography: a current map!

This page is dedicated to all the fans of the greatest wrestling organization in sports entertainment today: the ROMAN EMPIRE!

Domus Aurea ( Golden House of Nero>


"Emperor" Tommy Nero

Nature Boy Blair

Texas Championship Wrestling (TCW) was introduced to The Roman Empire in 1999. It was created by "Emperor" Tommy Nero and Scribe Gianni. The two battled Coach throughout the spring and summer and soon thereafter added female bodyguard Cicolina. Not soon after Scribe Kevino came into the picture and the Roman Empire began to get stronger. It was then in late July when "Emperor" Tommy Nero added Tejas and Mace ( the ReGex ) into his stable. The two quickly captured the TCW tag-team titles.

In August, with both Black Bart and Kurt Reigns added to his arsenal, Nero decided to go with the better of the two and his Empire turned on Black Bart. Kurt Reigns maintained the TCW Heavyweight Title.

Nero then secured the services of his Nephew, Vinny D Nero, and the Roman Empire was thus at the top of TCW. Vinny D contracted the services of the Masked Italiano as he quickly captured the TCW gold after Tejas was kicked-out of the Empire and Kurt was injured. Nero also now began to gain the "confidence" of Commissioner Lewis.

As the October month concluded, Vinny D Nero, Kurt Reigns, Mace, and Tejas left the Roman Empire. Only Tommy Nero and Masked Italiano remained. Nero contracted out Cedric of Hollywood, Hellhammer, Necro Butcher, Awesome and Krusher Kong, and others to help him, but in the end Redd Dogg beat Italiano to captured the gold.

Though all thought TCW and in essence the Roman Empire had been "burned" to the ground, "Emperor" Tommy Nero quickly added his old nemesis Coach to the Roman Empire. Coach didn't last long when Scribe Gianni returned and exposed Coach's goody-two-shoes attitude.

Bigfoot was then made an offer from Nero that he couldn't refuse and along with Nature Boy Blair, the Roman Empire entered the new century with 4 solid members and the Hired Gun, Pendragon.

After Pendragon helped Nero capture the TCW Heavyweight title, he soon became expendable and was fired.

Bigfoot soon was kicked out of the Roman Empire after a dispute with another Hired-Gun by Nero, Biohazard. Shortly after, Biohazard's services were also no-longer needed.

As March of 2000 is upon us Nero, Nature Boy, and Masked Italiano are the three leaders of this unit. Though they presently hold zero titles and seem to be getting the "short end of the stick" in recent weeks, thing are for sure about to change. "Killer" Tim Brooks will be by the Emperor's side on March 25th to tackle some personal vendetta against Beast as well.

Unfortunately, as of April 1st, the Roman Empire was handed a major defeat by Commissioner Lewis and his new FACTION. The Roman Empire is presently demolished as Nero has turned-face and sided with Beast to battle Commish Lewis and his boys.

Then at Summer Steam in early June, Tommy Nero turned-heel after special-reffing the classic cage match between Beast and Chronic. Nero and Commish put the band back together, and now the Roman Empire is stronger than ever: Nero, Commish, Il Duce Italiano ( cousin of the Masked Italiano ), Sean "Nasty Oklahaoman: Reagan, Sledge "Big" Johnson, and Nature Boy Blair w/Angelina.

As July 1, 2000's BATTLE BOX approaches, one can only wonder what is next for the Roman Empire.

Stay tuned.