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Have you ever considered being a professional wrestler? How about a manager, valet, or referee? If so, the TCW Slam Shack can provide you with the needed training to accomplish your sports entertainment objectives.

At the TCW Slam Shack, not only will you learn the fundamentals necessary to be a good wrestler, but you will also learn the necessary tools to become a good sports entertainer. People will be on hand to give you tips on the little things you can do to make the crowd react, and specialized antics to better develop your persona. Microphone work will also be heavily stressed and will be instructed by a college professor specializing in public speaking as well as wrestlers who are experienced working the microphone.

The TCW Slam Shack is instructed by both "All American" Jeremy Young and Beast. Jeremy Young has been in wrestling for 8 years and wrestled all over the country...and was the 1999 TCW Wrestler of the Year!! Beast has been in the business for 2+ years and was taught by the legendary "Killer" Tim Brooks. Both men provide respect to the sport and give their all to make sure our trainees receive the finest training possible.

Special Classes are also being held now be the utmost-professional and class person: REDD DOGG BEGNAUD!! Redd Dogg Begnaud currently holds 7 wrestling titles, holds over 40 greco roman wrestling titles, is undefeated is shoot fighting, has won tough man contests, and was a 2-time undefeated NWA Texas Champion. He is ranked 20 in Whoo's Top 50 Indy Wrestlers, 20 is WOW Magazine's Who's Who in Wrestling, was ranked 3 in NWA world rankings, and was listed in PWI's Top 500. Redd Dogg is considered one of the top prospects in independent wrestling and has worked for both the WWF and ECW...and now he's ready to train you and take you to the next level!

As a graduate of the school, you are guaranteed the opportunity to go under the lights with Texas Championship Wrestling and garner exposure to other promotions in Texas. You will have the opportunity to work with a creative evaluation team that will help find the right gimmick or persona for you, and will work hand in hand with the webmaster to promote yourself on the Internet with a profile, image gallery, and multimedia.

The TCW Slam Shack offers a 10-12 week course for potential wrestlers and specialized courses for those hoping to become referees, managers, or valets. The TCW Slam Shack offers a very competitive price, possibly the lowest in the area and is now open to women and as well as 15, 16 and 17 year-olds with parental permission.

The 10 week, 30 hour training begins with an orientation and tryout session, which are held every Saturday evening at 5:30pm or at a time that we can both arrange. A $100 orientation/tryout fee is required. The $100 fee will be applied to the $1950 tuition, in which payments can be made. All graduates of the TCW Slam Shack are guaranteed matches under the lights at live TCW events. You will also receive a diploma upon graduation at a graduation ceremony in which your family will be invited.

Classes are held on Saturday mornings and/or afternoon, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and Wednesday nights.

These issues as well as other items will be discussed during the orientation. It will by followed by a light workout in the ring. Please wear work out clothes and bring knee and elbow pads.

The TCW Slam Shack is located within the Nuthin But Net Rcreation Center at 2800 East Parker Blvd. in Plano (TX). It is at the intersection of Avenue K and Parker Road, behind the Long John Silver's Restaurant. From US 75 ( Central Expressway ) in Plano, exit east at the Parker Road exit. Then proceed approximately 1/4 mile until you cross through the Ave K and Parker Road intersection. The Center will be immediately to your right (south). If you get lost or need better directions, please e-mail us or call the Center directly at: 972.423.NETS.

Realize your dream of becoming a part of the wrestling business and schedule a tryout today!